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Glycolic Peels

Glycolic peels are an extremely effective way to refresh your skin by removing dead and damaged cells on parts of the uppermost layer – known as the epidermis - which have been damaged by ageing, excessive sunshine and acne scarring.

Such factors commonly lead to wrinkles, fine lines, blemishes, a dull skin tone and age spots. Where the damage is caused by clogging of the pores, it tends to be cumulative.

Glycolic acid – a mild acid that occurs naturally in cane sugar - is smoothed onto the skin by your practitioner. This soaks into the affected areas, gradually loosening the dead cells. These are then lifted off as the peel is cleansed away, leaving the healthy skin underneath. You will notice that the quality of your skin improves and that it is softer and younger-looking.

At  Lancaster Skin and Beauty Clinic we use Jan Marini glycolic peels which, unlike traditional peels, are medically endorsed and a viable alternative to more invasive peels for the patient who wishes to avoid discomfort and/or a recovery period. The depth of the peel is determined by the physician in order to create the desired effect. Depending on the extent of the peel healing can vary from immediate to a few days though with very deep peels, healing may take up to a couple of months.

Glycolic Peels
Glycolic Peels

The Jan Marini peels we use can produce dramatic results. Glycolic acid dissolves a chemical in the stratum corneum that contributes to what is called increased corneosyte cohesion, allowing dead thickened layers to lift away without wounding the skin.

This helps your skin appear noticeably smoother, more translucent, softer and firmer. As treatments continue, the cumulative action becomes greater and greater. Medical studies show that this cumulative result includes collagen stimulation of substances called glycosaminoglycans, known to give the skin ‘epidermal volume’ thus substantially increasing firmness and lessening the appearance of deeper lines.

There is a period of preparation for a peel, lasting a couple of weeks, during which you will be asked to avoid direct exposure to sunlight and to use special cleansing and smoothing products. Then you should expect to have a number of glycolic peels, usually 5-6, at intervals of about a week to complete the task of renewal. Each peel takes around 30 minutes.

There is normally no pain although you may feel a little heat on your face. As indicated above, there are no significant after effects although your face may be a little pink for a while. The range of Jan Marini products are available to purchase from the clinic.

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